Roy Lichtenstein


In 2011, Lisa launched her second artist inspired collection, working with the Estate of Roy Lichtenstein. Combining her love of Pop Art and fashion, the collection of dresses featured three of Roy Lichtenstein’s most iconic works: Spray, 1962; No Thank You, 1964 and On, 1962.

The collection was limited to 3 dresses and also included a T-shirt line featuring Lichtenstein images Hot Dog with Mustard, 1963; Compositions I, 1964; Keds, 1961; and On, 1962.

Model Oroma Elewa Wearing Spray Dress In Vogue’s September 2011 Issue.

It’s a very inexpensive way to get a piece of Pop Art. Well much less than the paintings.

—Lisa Perry, New York Times 2011
Lisa Perry And Dorothy Lichtenstein In The New York Times Sunday Styles Section July 17, 2011